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The Runestone GoKart Association requires all racers to use a Raceceiver.


Raceceivers are one-way communication devices allowing one-way communication from the flagman to the racers. Our flagman will have a transmitter and all racers will have a Raceceiver.  Raceceivers help promote safety at our track and improve communication with our drivers. 

If your racer does not have a Raceceiver, rental units are available at the track:  

  • Rental: Rent a Raceceiver unit for $10 per race day. ​​

    • You must supply your own earbuds for the Raceceiver (Earbuds must fit inside your racers helmet).

You can also purchase your own Raceceiver at

***This link is being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only, we are not endorsing any product***

Please feel free to call or use Facebook to ask any questions you may have on Raceceiver requirements.  

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